About Me

Author and travel enthusiast. I cure writer’s block, and all other mental blocks, by performing broadway musicals in the privacy of my home. In my spare time I fight crime and travel the world as an international spy. Don’t tell.

But really…

Loving John Grisham and Janet Evanovich novels, Maya Jax entertained the idea of being a lawyer or a spy and started working at an embassy in Australia while doing her master’s in international relations.  During this time, she finished her first screenplay, an action/thriller about spies and nuclear weapons.  She pitched it to a friend in Hollywood, who told her she had talent, but to never show the screenplay to anyone again — ever.  Realizing her love for writing was stronger than her desire to spy and fight crime, she attempted a second screenplay focusing on what she knew best — trying to make it as a writer.  The screenplay turned into a novel and the result was Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me.