August 2010 book tours dates/spots

by maya

The dates and stops for my virtual book tour are now available.  You can check out the schedule and all other tour info on my tour page.

July 2010

Free beach bags!

by maya

I’m doing a virtual book tour in August (so is Paula Deen!) and there are free giveaways with some of the interviews.  Since Escapades is a great beach read, we have two kinds of beach bags that will be given out with copies of the book.  I’ll be posting the dates and places here once the interviews are confirmed, so be sure to check back!

Jax beach bags

July 2010

College Candy Review

by maya

The girls at did the sweetest review of Escapades!

After 8 months of reading textbooks with a highlighter, when it comes time for summer I want something light. Something fun. Something that I can devour quickly on the beach or when lying in bed on a rainy day. And Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me totally delivered. Well, almost delivered. The book never did make it to the beach or to a rainy day because I read the whole thing the night I bought it…  Read full review

June 2010

My book trailer

by maya

May 2010

Launch day photos!

by maya
I thought I should finally put these up since the girls looked so fantastic.  For the launch, we had Jax crews in New York, Chicago, Jacksonville, Los Angeles, Athens and London, England.  The teams were dressed as superheroes (like Lelaina is in chapter one) and handed out emery boards with the book’s info.  So much fun!

Los Angeles Crew

UK Jax Team

April 2010

ChickLit Review

by maya

My first UK review!

Ok, the first thing wrong with this book is the title – it’s just not indicative of the humourous romp within. The second thing is that we just want more! It may be an easy read, but this book touches on themes in many of our lives – staying true to your dreams, not living your life for other people, knowing when enough is enough in a bad relationship. We loved the fact that Lelaina is no doormat, which is a trap that so many Chicklit novels seem to fall into nowadays. We thoroughly enjoyed it and are hoping a sequel is on the way.

February 2010