Lelaina Update #2

by maya

Due to an extended holiday and then some medical issues, the Oct and Nov updates didn’t make it up, but they will be monthly from now on.  And all the best to everyone in the new year!!


If you haven’t read Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me first, then you don’t want to read the updates – they’ll give away things you don’t want to know yet!

Lelaina Update #2 (update #1 is further down the blog)

“Are you nervous about your meeting tomorrow?”  Josh asks, as the flight attendant passes us pretzels.

“A little.  Cash Ford is kind of crazy.  According to rumors anyway.  I’ve never actually met him.”

He nods in agreement.  Everyone has heard at least one Cash Ford horror story.

“But Chason will be there with me and I find him pretty unstable as well, so I’m hoping they balance each other out.”

Grinning, he rips open the pretzel bag.  “Wow, lunch with you and two notoriously unstable men.  I wish I could watch from a distance.”

I know he’s only joking, but I’m experiencing waves of extreme anxiety over this lunch.  Everything I’ve ever wanted could possibly come true by the time we’re done eating if all goes well.  Or I could permanently destroy all chances of ever working in Hollywood if I screw it up.  Cash Ford knows everyone.  EVERYONE.

I shove a pretzel in my mouth.  “Okay, let’s talk about something else.  This is making me more nervous.”

“Fair enough, but I’ll say one more thing.  Ford wouldn’t be flying you out to meet him if he wasn’t serious about your script.  Unless you burn the restaurant down, you’ll be fine.”

“You and I met during my three trips to the emergency room.  I can do a lot of damage over a lunch hour.”

Without missing a beat, he winks.  “That’s why I can’t wait for our dinner.”

December 2010

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