Lelaina Update #3

by maya

Here’s Lelaina’s latest update from the sequel!  Updates 1 and 2 are below this posting.


If you haven’t read Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me first, then you don’t want to read the updates – they’ll give away things you don’t want to know yet!

Oh God I’m in trouble.  That wink was deadly.

As the pilot makes an announcement about our altitude, Josh shifts in his seat, turning his body towards me.

“Since I don’t really know LA, you should pick the place.  Where’s the place to eat right now?” he asks.

I feel a rush as his knees brush against mine.  “I’ve been away for a month, so I’m sure that’s changed.  Besides, any it place in LA is going to be a six month wait and a small fortune.”

“If you can get us in, I don’t mind the small fortune.  I’m guessing as Hollywood’s hottest new screenwriter, you won’t be coming back to E-town in the near future.  We may as well make this a memorable meal.”

“My parents still live in E-town.  I’ll never be able to break from that place completely.”  But the thought of my narrow escape makes me grin.  “I really don’t know where we should eat though.”

“OK, let’s ask someone here what their favorite restaurant is, and no matter what they say, we have to eat there.”

“That’s a risky game, Dr. Wright.  LA has a lot of terrible places.”

He shrugs.  “I’m willing to gamble if you are.”

“Alright, I’m in, but I get to pick who we ask.”

“Deal.”  He extends his hand and we shake on it.

Undoing my seatbelt, I rise a little in my chair to scan the crowd.  I eliminate the first two rows of people as tourists.  I want someone who knows LA.  And so we don’t end up at an In-N-Out Burger, I have a very specific person in mind.

After eyeing everyone in economy, I realize I’m not going to find what I’m looking for here.  Giving Josh a playful smile, I slip out of my seat and head towards Business Class.

January 2011

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