Lelaina Update #4

by maya

Here is Lelaina’s latest update from the sequel!  (Previous updates are below this posting.)


If you haven’t read Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me first, then you don’t want to read the updates – they’ll give away things you don’t want to know yet!

The moment I enter, I see exactly what I want: white collared shirt, violet tie and iPhone in hand.  I wait a second for the flight attendant to leave, just in case she boots me out for harassing business class passengers.  Then once she disappears around the corner, I zero in on my target.

“Hi.” I say.

He looks up and smiles.  “Hello.”

“I’m wondering if you can help me out.”

His smile vanishes.

“Nothing big.  I just need to know your favorite restaurant in LA.”

“My favorite restaurant?”  He raises an eyebrow.

“And I have to eat wherever you say, so please make it good.”

“OK,” he says, glancing around the cabin.  “I like LuRaLey.”

“Perfect.  Thanks!” I turn to walk away.

“Is that it?”

“That’s it.”

As I head back to economy, a hand reaches out from one of the business class seats and touches my wrist.

“Excuse me.”

My eyes shift to the guy touching my arm.   He looks oddly familiar, but I feel like this is a face I would remember meeting.  His artfully mussed hair and gleaming white teeth scream LA.   If I didn’t already have perfection waiting for me in economy, I could do some damage with this guy.

He leans over and whispers, “LuRaLey sucks.  Go to Clay.  It’s way better.”

I know Clay.  Everyone knows Clay.  And there’s no way Josh and I could get in, even with a reservation six months in advance.

I shake my head.  “I won’t be able to get into Clay.”

“You will.  Tell them you know Ben.  You’ll be fine.”


He nods like we have some kind of understanding and then goes back to his magazine.

February 2011

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