Lelaina Update #5

by maya

Here is Lelaina’s latest update from the sequel!  (Previous updates are below this posting.)


If you haven’t read Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me first, then you don’t want to read the updates – they’ll give away things you don’t want to know yet!

I return to my seat and slide in beside Josh.  “We’re eating at Clay.”

“Clay?  I’ve actually heard of it.  You can get us in?”

“I think I know a guy.”

“OK, Clay it is.”

The flight descends into LA and we touch down on schedule.  As we leave the terminal, I notice three women with strollers ambush Ben for an autograph.   He politely smiles, signing their scraps of paper, and then he puts on a ball cap and disappears into a passing mob.

Ben. His face seems familiar, but if he was an actor, I think I would recognize him.   Maybe he’s in a band?

Josh interrupts my thoughts.  “Do you want me to pick you up, or should we meet at the restaurant.”

“You don’t have to take a cab to my place.  Let’s meet there, but outside the door.  We should walk in together in case I can’t get us a table.”

“Alight.  I’ll see you there at 8:30?”

I grin.  “Sounds great.”

March 2011

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