Lelaina Update #1

by maya

Each month I’ll post a little bit from where Lelaina is now.  This first post is small, but it’s starts right where she left off at the end of the first book!


If you haven’t read Escapades of Romantically Challenged Me first, then you don’t want to read the updates – they’ll give away things you don’t want to know yet!

Lelaina update #1

I’m afraid if I breathe the wrong way, this current perfection in the universe will be thrown off course and I’ll have to go back to waiting tables and dating adulterous morons.  But maybe this is a new start. I deserve a new start. I’ve paid my dues.  I’ve paid my dues over and over.  Something good had to happen eventually. Still, it just seems way too good to be true.  But here I am.  Here he is.  And we’re both sitting on the same plane, heading to LA.  So how about, just for now, I let myself enjoy this moment.

I look over at him as he adjusts his seatbelt.  His eyelashes are impossibly long.  If we have children, our daughter could get away without ever having to use mascara.  And I could tell her all about how mommy and daddy met in the emergency room because of mommy’s vagine swllow and daddy’s ability to look as good in scrubs as Superman does in tights.

“Lelaina?” says Josh.
I leave our imaginary daughter and revisit reality.  “Yeah?”
“Are we on?”
“On what?”
“On for tonight?  You’ll let me take you out?”
I breathe in, enjoying the moment and pushing back the things-are-going-too-well panic.  “Yes, we’re on.”

He smiles, flashing those beautiful teeth.  Our daughter wouldn’t need braces either…

September 2010

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